Manny Turns 9!

Manny turned 9! We scrambled together a last minute Birthday Party on  Wednesday in May because most of his friends were busy on the weekends for the summer,  fortunately though everyone we invited on Wednesday could make it to the party!! In my original plans and thoughts (you know how that goes) I wanted to do a Mango theme Party (Manny loves Mangos and he loves saying Mango, so at school they nicked named him Mango Manny) but since it was so last minute I just threw something together. It being a pool party and all, no fancy decorations or games needed and the party was still a hit!  Manny was happy with what I was able to pull together AND Dad was happy too since we are on a tight budget this year. I did make some Mango Lemonade as well as Strawberry/Mango Shortcake with whip cream for the Birthday Cake, its was super yummy the kids said! I also bought the annual traditional Pinata. The kids had a blast and  Manny did too! (Alisa asked if she could invite a friend so she would have someone to play with and not be overtaken by all the boys lol, Her and Arabella ended up being a big help!)

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Then on Manny’s Actual Birthday June 19th (which fell on Father’s Day) he wanted to go to Quickly for a Birthday Treat. So after Church that’s what we did. (We usually take the kids to Red Robin on their Birthdays at their request but being  on our  tight Budget at this time we asked Manny if he was ok not going this year and he was totally ok with it, didn’t even miss it! 🙂


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