Homemade Popcicles

My kids LOVE popsicles!! Even though you can buy somewhat healthy ones now I always prefer making things homemade, when I have time LOL! So since my kids always loose at least one of the plastic popsicle sticks, I went online to try and find some where you maybe can’t loose the sticks but the only ones I found were ones to buy separate wooden sticks to go in them (they didn’t have very good reviews) In my search I found these cute popsicle sticks  (though you can still lose the sticks I love these little pops!) and instead of six popsicles there are nine! (well they are smaller) but the bonus is I don’t have to run their popsicles under hot water anymore, these just pop out right out!  (my kids are allowed two if one isn’t enough) though most the time they are satisfied with just one.  Alisa chose Strawberry Banana this time. So far we’ve made Watermelon, Mango and plain Banana, all really yummy! 🙂 Daddy and Mommy love them too! https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Pop-Molds-Silicone/dp/B016BZRD5M/ref=sr_1_8?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1471574016&sr=1-8&keywords=popsicles+zoku



IMG_20160620_162047 IMG_20160620_161942 IMG_20160620_162021

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