There are so very many things I love about spring. I am always amazed when I see all the trees start producing tiny buds, and bulbs whose leaves start to push up through the ground. For someone like me, who struggles with Seasonal Depression it is a sign of hope, of good things to come, of sunshine! I so LOVE the sunshine! I have always said that if we ever move I will have to go south. Even though I don’t love the heat, it is worth it to have more sunshine in my life. This time of year brings so many thoughts to my mind. How do the plants know it is time and safe to come out and bloom? I know there are all sorts of scientific answers but I like to think that God has told them it is time.

Spring makes me think about life. How often are we living in times of darkness? How often do we when trials come (like the cold and snow) we start to lose our leaves and hide? Often during the trial we stay hidden, all we can see is darkness and cold. Sometimes this season lasts a long time, other times not quite so long. After a while, we start to see small signs of light and life. We try and decide if it is time to come out of the darkness. Eventually, after more signs we become more and more brave. We decide that it might be safe to live again (not that we were ever truly dead, but maybe looked like it ha ha ). We test the waters and begin to bloom. Sometimes, the cold, rain and snow surprise us and come back but often we are now strong enough to withstand to elements. Spring to me means life, a new start, a promise that the darkness doesn’t stay forever. It is a promise of more light and life to come. Find your spring friends. If you are struggling, if you are scared, if you want to hide away in the darkness find the light. It will get better, it will get easier. Don’t let the darkness keep you from bringing your unique Spirit into the lives of others. You are needed! There is hope and help. Don’t let fear and darkness allow you to hide yourselves. You are a child of God with a unique purpose. You will always have value simply because you are His. Find your spring.

What are different ways you have allowed yourself to be brave? What are signs of light and life you have in your life? If you can’t see them yet, have someone help you. What does spring mean to you guys? I would love to hear suggestions!